Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to apply for financial aid at Lackawanna College? You need to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).  The FAFSA needs to be completed each year you plan on attending school.  Make sure to list Lackawanna College (School Code 003283).


When should I apply?  Pennsylvania residents should complete the FAFSA by May 1st in order to be considered for a state grant. Residents outside of Pennsylvania should file a FAFSA as soon as they know they are interested in attending school.


How do I complete my FAFSA? On line at or contact the financial aid office at (570) 961-7859 for assistance.


I was selected for verification.  What does that mean? Verification is a process the Department of Education uses to make sure that the information provided on the FAFSA is accurate.  Some applications are selected because of inconsistent information and others are chosen at random.  For files that are selected, the Financial Aid Office will notify the student as to the proper documentation that needs to be provided.  In many cases, a copy of the parent and/or student(s) tax transcript may be requested. If you are selected for Verification please click here.


Do I need to be full-time to qualify for financial aid? No.  If eligible, you may qualify for aid with only one class.  However, to receive federal and private loans or the pennsylvania state grant you must be enrolled in at least 6 credits.


I don't know if I qualify for aid, should I still complete the FAFSA? Yes.  Remember, your family size, income and number in college are all taken into consideration when determining your eligibility.  And even if you don't qualify, you still need to complete a FAFSA to be considered for scholarships and Federal Direct Stafford and Federal Direct PLUS Loans.


Where and when can I look for scholarships? Scholarships for the upcoming academic year are available on the Lackawanna College website and portal. It is important to start looking as early as you can. Check with your High School Guidance Office, the college you plan on attending, local newspapers, the library, local business/organizations, and the Internet. Do not participate in any scholarship searches that require you to pay a fee. You can get the same information for free from free Internet searches and your college Financial Aid Office.


How do I apply for a Federal Direct Stafford Loan? visit to complete your loan application within 120 days of the start to your semester. In order for your loan to process, you must also complete entrance counseling at this same website. If you are not sure what is needed or  you need additional assistance, please call the financial aid office at (570) 961-7859.


When will I find out about how much financial aid I will be receiving from Lackawanna College? Once your fafsa form is completed and all necessary paperwork is received and processed, students eligible for financial aid will receive, via post or email, an award letter which outlines your eligibility for federal, state and institutional aid.


Why am I required to provide my parent's income information? The Department of Education determines your dependency status and views the student (and their parents or spouse, if applicable) as the primary source of financial support for the student's postsecondary education. A student not living with their parents or claimed on the parents' federal income tax return does not by itself classify a student as independent. If you feel you have unusual family circumstances contact the Financial Aid Office at the campus you are attending.


I am not a U.S. Citizen, will I qualify for financial aid? To qualify for aid, non-U.S. Citizens must have an "eligible non-citizen" status. Contact the Financial Aid Office at the campus you plan to attend for additional information and eligibility requirements.


How is enrollment status defined? Full Time = 12 or more credits  3/4 time = 9-11 credits  Half time = 6-8 credits  Less than half time = 1-5 credits per semester


I've just recently applied to the College/Applied for financial aid and classes start soon -- What should I do about my bill? You can still attend Lackawanna, however if you do not have financial aid present at the time your bill is due, you will need to make a payment to the college. You may either pay your bill in full or make arrangements with our Bursar's Office for payment options. Once the Office of Financial Aid receives the results of your FAFSA and determines the amount of financial aid you can receive we will apply it to your account. If you have financial aid in excess of what you owe, you will receive a refund. 


What happens to my financial aid if I withdraw during the semester? Your withdrawal may affect your eligibility for financial aid in future semesters and could result in your having to repay all or a portion of your financial aid award to Lackawanna College. Therefore students are encouraged to meet with their professors and academic advisors, utilize tutorial services, and speak with a Financial Aid Counselor before withdrawing from Lackawanna College.