The first step in the process of determining your Financial Aid elegibility.
Not quite ready to file your FAFSA? Explore your aid eligibility eary by completeing this popular tool!
Need a little HELP filling out the FAFSA? No this tutorial and you'll be on your way to getting financial aid in no time!!

To create a FSA User ID to sign your FAFSA


Everything about Federal Direct Loans you ever wanted to know...a lot you probably didn't!
Hurray!!! Finally only one place to go to complete all of your LOANS documents. 

Questions you might have...

  • What types of loans you can I get?
  • How do I apply for them?
  • When do I pay them back?
  • Must I do something before I graduate? YES - complete Exit Counseling!
  • Be will take you at least 20 minutes for each document you need to complete. It will advise you of any additional information you need before you begin.
Just in case you were not sure it is important to pay back your loans....IT IS!!! Learn about various plans that will not break the bank while you are in repayment!

NSLDS helps you keep track and monitor your student loans.

State Grant

Are you a PA resident? Have you applied for a state grant? Completed your Questionnaire? Changed your school?  This is a HOT spot to see if you qualify for grant money from the state!!!

Other Super Duper Important Sites....No, Really they are!!!

If you are interested in career assistance (finding a job, looking for a better job, improving job skills) or seeking vocational rehabilitation services, CWDS enables you to search for job openings, create a résumé, apply for jobs online, research career information or request vocational rehabilitation services.


Official website for the Social Security Administration

Learn about the IRS Data Retrieval Tool, get a copy of your tax transcripts, or, for fun, read up on the new tax laws!

Need a copy of your SAT scores? Access them at The College Board.


O Current or former military veteran? This is for you... O

A little bit o this and a little bit o that...

The Financial Aid Information Page: A free, comprehensive, independent and objective guide to student financial aid.
The largest and most complete source of scholarships available.
A really cool one-stop career and college planning website.
A great resource for understanding student financial aid. Get some planning tips for before, during, and after college, see repayment calculators, and read stories by other students about their experiences.