Student Financial Services Checklist

Make sure you complete the steps listed on our Enrollment Checklist....a great starting guide to get you ready for your admission to Lackawanna College as well as completing your Financial Aid and finalizing all your payments arrangements.
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Welcome to Student Financial Services

Welcome to Student Financial Services.. We understand that funding your education is a significant financial investment. Our goal is to guide you through the Financial Aid process and to help you manage your financial obligation to Lackawanna College. We are here to assist you with your account balances, payments and other college related charges. We are committed to your success and helping you on your educational journey. You may stop by our office or contact us by phone or email.


To apply for all federal, state, and campus-based financial aid programs and/or student loans, a student must first complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).When this information is processed, financial aid award packages are developed after first determining the expected family contribution (EFC). The types of aid awarded will vary with the individual student’s needs and may consist of a combination of grant, loan, work-study and scholarship assistance.




Tuition Rates

Lackawanna College

Tuition, Fees, Room & Board Rate Schedule

2023-2024 Academic Year

Tuition and Fees  
Tuition - full-time (12-18 credits), per semester $8,510.00
Tuition - part-time, per credit $595.00
Tuition - Summer and Intersession, per credit $250.00
Technology Fee, per semester (5 or more credits) $345.00
Technology Fee, per semester (less than 5 credits) $55.00
Activity Fee - Scranton, per semester $120.00
Activity Fee - Lake Region, Sunbury, Tunkhannock, per semester $75.00
Resident Room and Meal Plan  
Resident Housing, per semester $3,830.00
Meal Plan, per semester (19 meal plan) $2,225.00
Program and Course Fees  
Baking and Pastry, per semester $375.00
Communications, per course $100.00
Culinary, per semester $375.00
Hospitality, per semester $200.00
Nursing, per semester (full-time students) $750.00
Nursing, per semester (part-time students) $55.00
Occupational Therapy, per semester $185.00
Physical Therapist Assistant, per semester $185.00
School of PNG, per semester $250.00
Sonography, per semester $185.00
Surgical Technology, per semester $185.00
Robotics, per semester $250.00
Lab Fee - per 1 credit course $40.00
Lab Fee - per 3 credit course $115.00
Other Fees  
Application Fee (excludes online application) $35.00
Commuter Commitment Fee, one time $100.00
Resident Commitment Fee, one time $375.00
Graduation Fee $160.00
Parking Fee, per semester $50.00


Federal Verification Forms

Student Financial Services will verify the accuracy of all applications of students selected by the Department of Education or by the Student Financial Services Office at Lackawanna College. Federal aid cannot be finalized until all required documentation is received and eligibility is determined.  Students selected for verification will be sent an email by the Student Financial Services Office with their Personal URL (PURL) link.  The student will click the link, verify their identity and create an account.

Please see the two documents attached on how to complete the process.

Miscellaneous Forms


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