Lackawanna College is an affordable, private institution with its Main Campus located in Scranton, Pennsylvania and Satellite Centers in Covington Township, Hazleton, Hawley, Sunbury, Towanda, and Tunkhannock, all in Northeastern PA. Lackawanna College provides educational opportunities for career and professional development with 60+ program options, including Bachelor's degrees, Associate degrees, continuing education and certificate programs, a state-certified Police Academy, and many other options for individuals to improve their personal resumes.
Lackawanna College distinguishes itself by offering various educational opportunities to all persons seeking to improve their lives. The college's "open enrollment" policy affords every individual an equal opportunity to set educational goals that are attainable and challenging. Lackawanna College welcomes students from all educational backgrounds in their attempts to meet their educational and career goals in the pursuit of their college education.
For information about Lackawanna College or the enrollment process, please contact us toll free @ 877-346-3552 or email us at
Lackawanna College
Office of Enrollment
Angeli Hall
501 Vine Street
Scranton, PA 18509

Scranton Enrollment Counselors

Click here to apply now to Lackawanna College.

You'll first be asked to create an online application account and can find the link in your email to set up your password. If you already have an online application account, click Log In on the top right to access your account and submit a new application.

From there, choose which student type you will be applying as for your program of interest.

If you experience any issues in accessing the online application, please contact the Office of Enrollment at (570) 961-7898.

NOTE: Students cannot submit multiple application for the same term. If you change your program of interest, please contact the Office of Enrollment to speak with an enrollment counselor, and we'll update your application on your behalf.

SPECIALTY PROGRAM ADMISSION: Certain specialty programs in healthcare, technology, and hospitality may have admission application requirements in order to apply to the program. Students should first apply to the College to determine if eligible to apply to the program. Admission to specialty programs is not guaranteed for students who meet the application requirements, as cohort size is limited.

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