Academic Success Coach


What is an Academic Success Coach?

An Academic Success Coach will work with students individually or in a group setting to assist them in improving skills they need for their academic setting. Through their individual or group meetings, the Academic Success Coach, students are able to individualize their learning styles in order to be successful in the classroom.

The Academic Success Coach at Lackawanna College is here to enhance student success in the classroom.

Why Should I Meet with a Coach?

The Academic Success Coach is here to talk about the student’s academic experiences at Lackawanna. Whether there is difficulty with organization or a student needs a more individualized approach to studying, the Coach is here to assist in improving those skills.

A student is encouraged to make an appointment with the Academic Success Coach for issues such as: 

  • Making a smooth transition from high school to college
  • Study Skills
  • Note – Taking Strategies
  • Test Taking Tips
  • Managing time effectively
  • Learning Strategies
  • Academic Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Academic Organization
  • Utilize College Resources
  • Study Environment Tips
  • Reading Academic Texts
  • Financial Awareness

How many times should I meet with my Coach?

The Academic Success Coach meetings are dependent on the individual needs of the student.